Community Meal Ideas

Radish Meal Ideas
"Radish microgreens is awesome on a steak, it really brings out the flavours."

"We love putting radish microgreens on our eggs! I can't eat eggs anymore without them!"

Sunflower Meal Ideas

"We love putting sunflower microgreens on some toast with avocado and hemp hearts! I look forward to it every day."

On their own or Salads
"My kids enjoy eating sunflower microgreens on their own which is amazing because she is extremely picky on what foods she likes to eat."

"Sunflower adds a nice crunch to my sandwhiches."

Pea Shoots

Rice dishes
"Pea shoots go great in my rice dishes with other vegetables"

Soups and Curries
"I love adding Pea shoots to my curries and soups at the end"