"At Everyday Micros, we want to make the first step towards adopting a healthier lifestyle a little bit easier and more delicious."

homemade pizza with arugula microgreens and kohlrabi microgreens 
1. Add microgreens to meals you're already making

Microgreens are so versatile, you can add them to meals you're already planning to make for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Just toss them in or on top of your meal when you're done.

2. Little prep work and no extra dishes

What we love about microgreens is how quickly you can add them to meals with no extra dishes to do after the meal.

3. Less food waste

We now go through microgreens so fast in our household we rarely have to deal with any food waste! We used let our vegetables go bad in the fridge way more than we'd like to admit. Since microgreens can be added to almost any meal, we are now finding ourselves using up all the microgreens we have in the fridge in no time!

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