Restaurants & Wholesale

sunflower and peas microgreens on slatekale microgreens swiss chard microgreens kohlrabi microgreens amaranth microgreens swiss chard microgreenspink and green microgreens scattered on slate

At Everyday Micros we love to provide and support local food business in the community. Please
contact us to discuss what your specific needs are. Samples and pricing are available upon request.

Unique microgreens and herbs exclusively available for restaurant customers
Food and creativity is important to us. We want to help bring the chef’s vision to life with colour, shape and texture. We have 20+ varieties of microgreens and herbs that are exclusively available to chefs to add different colour shape and texture to your creation.

Flexible delivery schedule
Delivery and drop off can be coordinated to accommodate your busy schedule. Orders can change to accommodate your needs for that week.

Please contact us for a call or schedule a meeting to learn more about our price sheet.

Contact Us
Nicholas (647) 281- 4275